Whether you’re buying a home for the first time, a bigger or nicer home, a vacation or 2nd home or buying a home as an investment, different circumstances may apply.



Home for 1st time home buyer

1st Time Home Buyer: Sometimes, cash may be in short supply for the first time home buyer and they may need a little help getting a mortgage. There are some programs available to help with down payment, closing costs, etc. I prefer to use an independent mortgage broker rather than the folks at your local bank. Independent mortgage brokers have many more options available to help you get just the right mortgage. The banks only offer a few options. Please check with my favorite mortgage brokers (see info at bottom) to get pre-approved and find out what programs are available for you.



luxury home

Luxury Home

Luxury or Moving-Up Buyer: These are the folks that have decided to buy a bigger or nicer home than they had previously.  They might want a golf course view or on the water, now that they can afford it. They are usually better qualified with either all cash to make a purchase or at least have good credit and a substantial down payments. If you need a mortgage, get a 2nd opinion of the best rates available to you from my favorite mortgage brokers (see info at bottom).



condo high rise

Vacation or 2nd Home

Vacation or 2nd Home Buyer: Many people come to Florida for a visit or vacation and fall in love with the lifestyle, warm weather, cultural amenities or the outdoor living that our community affords. These buyer’s are usually more affluent and what they usually want in a vacation home or a 2nd home is to be near the beach, golf courses, restaurants or the downtown area so they’re not far from the activities that they want to enjoy while they’re here. They may be paying all cash or may need a mortgage, but are usually better qualified and can easily get the best rates available. Check with my favorite mortgage brokers (see info at bottom) to get the latest rates.



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Investment Property

Investor Buyer: When buying a home as an investment property, you can either rent it out for the income over a period of time or you can fix it up to  resell for a nice profit. These folks are sometimes called a flipper, but I like to them of them as recycling. In both cases, the property usually needs to be remodeled or fixed up prior to renting it or reselling it. So you have to decide if you’re looking for short term or long term profits. There may be tax implications to consider as well. Usually investor’s have all cash, but often if their plan is to rent the home, they may get a mortgage. Again, with an investment property, you need a good mortgage broker that can offer you the best deal on a mortgage so call my favorite mortgage brokers (see info at bottom).



And my favorite mortgage brokers are Bill & Janene McGowan. They can be contacted at the following:

Bill: (941) 782-2074 and at email: bimcgowan@homebridge.com

Janene:  (941) 782-2076 and at email: jmcgowan@homebridge.com

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